HOWL-O-WEEN DOG Costume Party

Sunday Oct 31

1:00 PM

$100 worth of prizes awarded to contestants

October 31st from 1pm to 5pm         Outdoors at Bethlehem Vineyard

Featured Events:

Canine Costume Contest - Categories to be judged: Best Superhero, Best Movie Character, Best TV/Storybook Character, Best Musical Talent or Most Original

Pet/Owner Combination Costume Contest - Categories: Funniest, Most Original & Best

Trick N Treat - Owner will coax canine pal to perform best trick

Doggie Dash - 20 yard dash down a vineyard row to owners call. Dog's favorite owner can call, cajole or use whatever props necessary

Dogs Gone Wild - 10 minutes of the wildly unexpected. Categoreis to be judged: Furthest Runaway, Friendliest, Arrestable Offense, Most Loyal to Owner

$10 Contestant Registration Fee. One fee for all events.

Free Outdoor Event Open to the Public - Reservations Recommended - 100 person capacity

Bethlehem Vineyard 46 Town Line Rd, Bethlehem, CT 06751     203-266-5024

Everyone is encouraged to dress in costume. Enjoying oneself will be strictly enforced.


Direct Link To Share Event: https://www.bethlehemvineyard.com/event/25